How to have the best session EVER!


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How to ensure you'll have a great session with Penny!

This is a slightly tongue in cheek, non-exhaustive guide to how to make sure I totally adore you and will be overjoyed to see you again.

- Read my sessions page, and then read it again

The answer to most of your questions will be on there; please don't waste my time by making me repeat it all!

- Be open and upfront about what you want and if there's anything you cannot go without. I don't need a script, but things that I need to know are:

If you'd like me to wear anything in particular

What sort of things you'd like to happen while we're together

What substances you'd like to use

Any roleplay you'd like to do

Remember, this is your fantasy that I'm helping to come true - the more you tell me, the better equipped I am to know what's going to make your day!

- Be patient!

It's lovely when you're excited about a session but flooding my inbox monopolises my time - if I haven't responded immediately, give me a day or two as I may be unwell or on holiday, or just busy!

- Be realistic

If your ultimate fantasy is to have a bath of fresh double cream followed by filling your pants with 10 buckets of mayonnaise and you expect to do all of this in half an hour and also want me to provide all the supplies then I might just laugh in your face. Have a look at grocery stores for how much it would cost to provide everything you need for a session, and then either offer to give me that amount to purchase it myself, or be prepared to pick it up yourself on the way.

- Pay a deposit.

Paying a deposit means that I have confidence you're legitimate and aren't out to waste my time or wank over email ping pong, which means I can trust you more! I appreciate that you may be concerned about scamming, but my reviews, social media activity and countless videos should allay any fears that I am who I say I am.

Paying a deposit secures your booking, which means that nobody else can swoop in and book the same slot, as well as helping to cover my travel/accommodation/external arrangements/supplies.

I'm happy to accept deposits by bank transfer (you can even pay directly into my account with cash if you're worried about a paper trail), and various giftcards - unfortunately I don't use Paypal due to the risk of backcharging etc.

- Don't haggle.

Unfortunately sessions aren't a luxury and I'm not a charity! If you can't afford a session right this second, it's pretty rude to ask for a discount just because you don't want to wait to save up - I'm not a market stall after all!

- Be clean

Shower before your appointment please - brush your teeth, and wear deodorant! If we're planning an adult session, make sure you wash down below thoroughly - and that includes your butt too. WASH YOUR BUM. PLEASE.

- Arrive promptly.

If you're late, it wastes both of our time - if we've agreed to meet at 3pm for an hour and you turn up at 3:15pm and I have something to do afterwards, then you're not going to be able to make the most of your session and I hate to disappoint people!

- Get the business out of the way before the pleasure.

It's awkward if I have to ask for my fee ten minutes in and ruins the flow of our time together. Hand it to me when you arrive, and then we can move swiftly onto our messy fun together!

- Be mindful of my time

I'm always happy to go over by a few minutes if we're having a nice chat, but do be aware that I almost always have filming, meeting a friend, or simply going to get some food after a session planned! Staying for over 15 minutes past our allotted time without offering to at least compensate me for it can make me feel as though you don't respect my time and I may be unwilling to see you again in the future.

- If you had an amazing time, tip or leave a review!

If I totally blew your mind then a tip is always very gratefully received. Of course I understand that some people will have saved for a few weeks to see me as a special treat for themselves, so if it's not within your budget, a nice review on UMD is always very welcome so I can be confident that I've done a great job!

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