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I've got so many updates and silly things to share that I don't even know where to begin!

Firstly, the most important news!

It's my birthday week!!!! On this Friday 23rd Feb I'm going to be eating my own body weight in cake and prosecco and celebrating all throughout the weekend. To celebrate I'm running a birthday giveaway; everyone who gets me a present will get a very special thank you (because I'm a spoilt princess brat and I love getting presents!)

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Everyone who gets me something from my wishlist/a giftcard from now until March 15th will get a photo taken just for them of me using/wearing it, as well as FREE ACCESS to for a day, and 25% off my UMD store. My favourite present will get a month of access to onlyfans and a 99% off coupon, so if you've been thinking about treating me to something fun for a video now is definitely the best time to do it! Just be sure to include your email address/twitter handle in the gift note.

I had a bit of a catastrophical shoot recently. I slipped on some gunge when going to clean up in the bathroom, fell arse over tit and onto a bucket. Unfortunately the bucket did not survive the onslaught of my big bum and was crumpled without a hope of saving it. My bum didn't come out of it too well either!


To add insult to injury, I smashed the wine glass I was holding, broke my lovely new turquoise glasses and stood on a bit of glass and cut my toe - my biggest regret is that we had stopped filming and it wasn’t caught on camera!


Things I have learnt from this:

- move things that would be painful to fall on top of out of doorways 

- Don’t leave my glasses on the floor during shoots

- Taking wine into the shower leads to glass in my foot

I think next time I’ll have to have a sippy cup to avoid any more spills and damages!


All in all though I had a wonderful day, starting it off with an awesome session (you can read the very complimentary review here) and then shooting some interesting stuff. I had Marcus Quillian over to shoot together and we started off by trying out some artsy shots of wine dripping seductively over my nude body and drizzling syrup over my lips - delicious! I love how I look like a vampire in the shots - he's got some wonderful gifs of wine being poured over on his ThousandFaces Twitter.

Then we filmed a crazily hot damsel in distress video where I’m tied up, have my schoolgirl outfit ripped off and am punished with gunge complete with head dunking. I was pretty exhausted after all that wriggling around though - it’s pretty hard to wipe gunge out of your face when you’ve got your wrists cuffed behind your back!


Slippery-Skin took some incredible shots of the aftermath - I’ll give you a sneaky peek because I can’t help but share them! You can see the whole photo set over at

I'm still getting organised for my trips around the UK, but I'll keep you updated on that - in the meantime, I'm still available for outcalls in London & surrounding areas regularly and should have some incall spaces soon too!

For those who are based in other countries who can't come see me in person, my latest video is out and it's a very exciting one - my first topless release, eep! 

Clad in some sexy officewear I turned myself into an ice cream sundae complete with sprinkles! Here’s some stills - you can check out the whole movie here!

This is my first ever topless release and I’m a little nervous about posting it so please leave lots of lovely comments to encourage me to build up the courage to post more!




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