My main fetish is sploshing, and I'd be delighted if you'd like to join me in getting messy.
I love the slipperiness of gunge, the weight of golden syrup being poured over my head, the sensation of having my knickers filled with custard...don't forget the fun of destroying my clothes! Savoury, sweet, paint, mud and clay - I adore them all. 

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Session ideas

  • Card games, video games, forfeits...all ending in a big sloppy mess! Which one of us will get the most trashed?

  • Crossdressing; let me doll you up and then ruin your pretty makeup

  • Bondage WAM: It's so much more fun when you can't escape.

  • Head dunking - bucket of water, gunge, or spaghetti and a bratty Penny...want to put me in my place?

  • Slippery baby oil massages; there's nothing like having my oiled up, shiny huge natural breasts pressed against your bare back to relax you after a hard day at work.

  • Feeder fetish: shove my mouth full of cake until I'm too full to move, and then smear the rest over me!

  • Double trouble! I've got some astoundingly sexy friends who love to get messy with me. Why not have twice the fun?

This is definitely not an exhaustive list and I'm very kinky and open minded - get in touch with your ideas!


I do have my own stash of sploshing clothes which I'm sure you'll find perfectly sexy, but if you've got something else in mind I'd love to hear about it! I do love to dress up and roleplay.

 Please bear in mind that the nature of WAM means costumes tend to be unusable after one use so if there's anything specific you'd like me to wear, you'll need to provide it yourself or send a giftcard so I can purchase it in advance.

Locations & availability


I am usually available for outcalls (visiting your location/home) after 7pm on weekdays and all day weekends. I much prefer advance bookings as it's very rare that I'm available without at least a week's notice!

Travelling outside of London is an additional £30 per hour travel time and my transport must be arranged & paid for beforehand.

When I offer incalls (you visit my location) my hotels are normally booked in Central, South-East or East London - I don't accommodate sessions in my own home.

I love to tour and travel around the UK, meeting new people and seeing the sights! Subscribe to my newsletter to be notified of my latest tour plans, or just check back regularly to see when dates are announced.

 When touring I'm normally available throughout the day and often have a duo partner as well.


My safety is, of course, an utmost priority, as I'm sure you can appreciate. If you've had a session with another provider before, please let me know their name and website/twitter so I can contact them for a reference; or, if you have an Adultwork account, please message me from there so I can see your feedback.

If you've never seen anyone before, you'll need to provide:

a) a copy of a photo ID such as a driver's license or passport (for all sessions)

b) proof of address/hotel booking (for outcalls only)


WAM is unfortunately an expensive hobby, so all sessions regardless of location or length require a deposit to cover the cost of supplies, hotels and external arrangements in the event of a cancellation.

  • All sessions are only confirmed after you've paid a £50 deposit - this is taken off the total fee - after which you'll recieve my address and contact info.

  • Please pay deposits promptly to secure your booking to avoid disappointment in case someone else requests the same time/day as you

  • Your deposit will be kept as a cancellation fee in the event you cannot make it to the session.

  • Deposits are payable by giftcard or bank transfer; I do not accept Paypal for any services, videos or deposits.

  • Bookings that have not had a deposit paid by the day before the session will be cancelled.


Non adult - These sessions don't include kissing, nudity or any sexual contact

Incall (I host)  | £200 1 hour | £380 2 hrs | £530 3 hrs |
Outcall (You host) - | £180 1 hour | £300 2 hrs | £ 380 3hrs |


Adult - Please email me to discuss any adult/nude requests!

Incall - | £250 1 hour | £430 2 hrs | £580 3 hrs |
Outcall  - | £220 1 hour | £340 2 hrs | £450 3 hrs |


Gunge can be provided for incall sessions -you will need to provide your own supplies for an outcall to your location and anything that’s not gunge!

Filming is available for incalls - I normally have my camera and lights etc. I love to make movies, but I do charge extra for filming.

Personal Use is £80 for raw footage or £110 edited

You get sent the footage after the session and I delete it, never to see the light of day - please note this does not include any distribution rights or allow you to upload the footage anywhere - if you run a studio please email me directly to arrange a proper shoot.

Public Use is £30 and will be edited at no extra cost

You get a full-on, professionally edited, custom made video of our time together for you to look back at fondly for a bargain price and I get a new video to put in my store. Win Win all round!

dinner date package

Never had a session before? Want to hang out and get to know each other a bit beforehand?

I can appreciate that for some of my fans, it can be a bit daunting meeting for a session with someone you've only seen videos of!

Luckily, I'm a big people person, and it'd be my pleasure to help make you more comfortable with a something a bit more casual and friendly before a session.

A Dinner Date includes at least three hours of social time, along with a two hour session - whether this is adult or not is up to you!

That's a whole five hours of fun.

These are outcall only (which means you'll need to have a location to invite me back to after our date) and my rate is £550.

What do you want to get up to?

I love fine dining, the cinema, musicals, trips out to weird museums, lunch in cute cafes, & I'm always open to suggestions.

Just get in touch to see when I'm free!

Clean Sessions

Clean sessions (non-messy adult sessions) are also available. Please contact me directly via Adultwork.

upcoming incalls

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Alternatively, sign up to my mailing list to be notified when I have incall sessions available. 

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